Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : Fanconi Mutation Analysis Order Code : 11116R
Note: This is a Sendout/Referred Test and is only offered to registered patients of SHC or LPCH.
Specimen Type: Whole Blood
Container Type: Lavender-top tube (EDTA); Yellow-top tube Acid Citrate Dextrose Solution A (ACD)
Required Volume: 10 mL
Methodology: DNA analysis
Standard Run Times: Varies
Turnaround Time: 12-16 days
Special Handling: Ambient. Send at room temperature using overnight FedEx; if not sent on the same day, Refrigerated overnight before sending at room temperature. Please indicate patient's ethnicity. 30 ml whole blood if ordering multiple tests.
CPT Codes: 83893 x 2, 83894, 83896 x 2, 83898
SHC EPIC Code: LAB11116R
Department: Sendouts
Clinical Specialties: Genetics; Hematology
Sendout Lab: Integrated Genetics/LabCorp