Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : Lead, Urine Order Code : 11225R
Note: This is a Sendout/Referred Test and is only offered to registered patients of SHC or LPCH.
Synonyms: Lead
Specimen Type: Urine (24 hr)
Container Type: Urine Collection Container
Required Volume: 10 mL
Minimum Volume (Pediatric): 2 mL
Methodology: Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
Standard Run Times: Mon-Sat
Turnaround Time: 3 days
Special Handling: Ship refrigerated. 1. No Preservatives. 2. Collect in a clean, plastic urine container(s) with no metal cap or glued insert(s). 3. Send specimen in a plastic, 13 ml urine tube or a clean plastic aliquot container with no metal cap or glued insert. 4. See " Metals Analysis" - Collection and Transport in Special Intructions for complete instructions. 5. Refrigerate specimen within 4 hours of completion of 24-hour collection. Note: 1. High concentrations of gadolinium and iodide are known to interfere with most metal tests. If contrast media containing either gadolinium or iodide has been administered, a specimen cannot be collected for 48 hours. 2. 24-hour volume is required on request form for processing. Urine Preservative Collections Options Note: The addition of preservative or applications of temp controls must occur within 4 hours of completion of the collection.
CPT Codes: 83655
SHC EPIC Code: LAB11225R
Department: Sendouts
Clinical Specialties: Toxicology/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Sendout Lab: Mayo Medical Laboratories