Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : NeoEncephalitis Paraneoplastic Profile with Recombx Order Code : 12772R
Note: This is a Sendout/Referred Test and is only offered to registered patients of SHC or LPCH.
Synonyms: Encephalitis AB Screen
Specimen Type: Serum
Container Type: Red-top tube (Plain) no additive
Required Volume: 3 mL
Minimum Volume (Pediatric): 3 mL
Methodology: Western Blot, RIA, IFA, ELISA
Components: Amphiphysin Antibody Test, CASPR2 Antibody Test, GAD65 Antibody Test, LGI1 Antibody Test, NMDA Receptor (NR1) Antibody Test, Recombx MaTa Autoantibody Test, Recombx CV2 Antibody Test, Recombx Hu Autoantibody Test, VGKC Antibody Test
Turnaround Time: 30 days
Special Handling: Ship same day at room temperature. Avoid freezing. Refrigerate if not shipped same day. Serum stable up to three days. Ship whole blood immediately. ATHENA REQUISITION IS REQUIRED.
SHC EPIC Code: LAB12772R
Department: Sendouts
Clinical Specialties: Neurology
Sendout Lab: Athena Diagnostics
Sendout Lab Test Code: 447