Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : HPV Screen (NAAT) Order Code : HPVHR3
Note: This qualitative nucleic acid amplification assay detects E6/E7 viral messenger RNA (mRNA) from the following high-risk HPV types: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66 and 68. It does not discriminate between these 14 high-risk types.
Synonyms: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Nucliec Acid Amiplification Testing (NAAT)
Specimen Type: Cytology sample (ThinPrep)
Container Type: ThinPrep collection container.
Required Volume: ThinPrep: 20 mL
Minimum Volume (Pediatric): ThinPrep: 4 mL
Methodology: Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAAT)
Standard Run Times: At least 2 times per week
Turnaround Time: 5 days
Special Handling: ThinPrep: The specimen must be tested within 45 days when stored at 2 to 30 degrees Celsius.
CPT Codes: 87624
Causes For Rejection: Frozen ThinPrep specimen.
Department: Virology