Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : R/O MRSA by PCR Order Code : ROMRSP
Note: Orderable by SHC Inpatient Pharmacist only.
Synonyms: Nasal MRSA colonization by PCR; MRSA PCR, MRSA Screen by PCR; Nasal PCR for MRSA, GeneXpert MRSA/SA Nasal PCR, Nasal MRSA PCR (for R/O MRSA pneumonia)
Specimen Type: Copan Dual Swab with scored ends for easy breakage
Container Type: Culturette swab container
Methodology: Nucleic acid amplification test
Standard Run Times: Daily
Turnaround Time: 4-12 hours
Special Handling: If scored swab (Item Copan #182162) is not available, RN to call Micro Preanalytical Lab at ext. 4-8632 to acquire correct swab. Product is not the same as the routine MRSA screen. Ship immediately to Stanford Microbiology Lab at room temperature.
CPT Codes: 87641
Causes For Rejection: Swab other than a Copan Dual scored Swab. Ordered by non-pharmacist. MRSA PCR performed within last 7 days. Positive R/O MRSA culture performed within last 7 days. Positive respiratory culture with MRSA within last 7 days. Improperly labeled specimen. Improperly completed requisition. Outpatient ordering. For Outpatient testing, order MRSA Screen (LABROMRS).
Department: Microbiology
Medical Director: Dr. Niaz Banaei