Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Test Name : Viral Culture Order Code : VCUL
Note: Viral Culture is intended to identify cultivatable viruses from the following specimens: Pericardial fluid: Enteroviruses. Pleural fluid: Enteroviruses. Ocular specimens: Adenovirus, HSV, VZV, and Enteroviruses. Urine: Adenovirus and Enteroviruses. Tissue: Adenovirus, Enteroviruses, HSV, and VZV. Bone Marrow specimens are also acceptable. Rectal swab / Stool: HSV (rectal swab), Enteroviruses, Adenovirus (To rule out the non-cultivatable enteric Adenoviruses, serotypes 40 and 41 (Group F), antigen testing of stool is recommended.)
Synonyms: Viral Culture
Specimen Type: Fluids, Ocular Specimens, Rectal/Stools, Tissues, Urines (CSF and BAL will not be accepted for Viral Culture and will be rejected)
Container Type: Sterile container, Swab in VTM.
Required Volume: 2 mL
Minimum Volume (Pediatric): 1 mL (Fluids), 5 mm3 (Tissues), Pea-sized (Stool)
Methodology: Conventional tissue culture. Virus isolates are identified using specific monoclonal antibodies or nucleic acid amplification techniques.
Standard Run Times: Daily
Turnaround Time: 1-28 days. Positives are reported when virus is first detected. This is dependent on the amount and type of virus present in the specimen.
Special Handling: Transport refrigerated.
CPT Codes: 87252
Causes For Rejection: Leaking container. Transport time exceeding 12 hours. Wooden-shafted or calcium alginate swabs. Specimens in preservative.
Department: Virology